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Blue Starz Cheerleaders

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Youth Squad

Meet the members of The Blue Starz Youth Squad. These girls are all 10-12 years of age.

Amber has been in the squad since July 2006. She brings more than 10 years gymnastics experience with her and is looking forward to her first competition in July 2007.


Jade is one of our newest members. She joined the squad in November 2006 and has fitted in perfectly. A lovely mounter in training with lots of spirit to share with everyone.


Jamella: Youth Squad Captain
Jamella has been a member of The Blue Starz for the past 4 or so months. She is the Youth Squad Captain and has obvious leadership skills. She is also a member of the Youth Partner Stunt Team.


Jannae joined with her sister Jamella and is the most spirited cheerleader I've met! A smile permantly attached to her face she is an ideal cheerleader.




Sophie: Youth Squad Vice Captain
Sophie is the Youth Squad's Vice Captain and part of the Youth Partner Stunt Team. She has just competed at her first competition with the Senior Partner Stunt Team where she placed 5th. Sophie has unique qualities that make her an excellent Vice Captain for the squad.


Starr has been with the squad since we began in January 2006. She is in The Youth Partner Stunt Team and loves working on her tumbling. She has bags of energy and dedicates alot of her free time to squad fundraising events.



The Youth Squad trains every Monday and is a competitive squad. They will be competing in their first competition as a squad in July 2007.  5 girls will also be taking part in the Youth Stunt Group division.

The members of this class work very hard at learning new cheers, dances, tumbling skills and stunting. This class has alot of spirit and all members have bonded to form excellent teamwork and friendships within the squad.

To sponsor The Blue Starz Cheerleaders, to join the squad or to book us at your next event please contact Head Coach Abigail at